Home relocation is a very private and embarrassing moment in life. It is normal for persons in such a situation to worry about how their furniture will be relocated; wouldn’t there be broken or damaged objects; wouldn’t they be harassed for more money at the last minute and last but not least come the worries about who in fact are they letting inside their homes?

That is why it is very important to choose ServiceLux to relocate your home. It is most appropriate to entrust this process to a company with a proven record in this domain. One of the reasons being that no company with enough respect for itself would allow a compromise with the quality of their services.

The staff of ServiceLux has been diligently selected. It consists of smart and well-mannered employees experienced in the moving of personal belongings. Our team is capable to take the appropriate decisions in complicated situations, it has excellent training and it is equipped with the proper tools and installations to relocate your home without any problems whatsoever.

The cost of your relocation will be offered to you before the relocation by our consultants, following a complimentary visit of the premises (or upon the receipt of an exhaustive list by e-mail). This is the way to be sure that you would not fall into the hands of ill-intentioned porters who had offered very low prices on the phone hoping to extort you for more money on the day of the relocation.

In any case how you could be assured?

See our clients’ testimonials. This represents the best indicator on how a company manages to accomplish the assigned job. Have a thorough look at the referrals and what kind of clients this company has and your choice will be rewarded!